Sunday, March 12, 2006

Seven Days

Buster had a long day today.


There was sun. And running. A walk to the park that involved sniffing every blade of grass that has ever been peed on in the distinguished history of grass-peeing. There was stuffed gorilla asses that needed kicking. There were birds that had to be barked at DON'T THEY KNOW THEY CAN'T JUST FLY BY WINDOWS MY GOD IT IS ANARCHY!

Buster is tired. And looks a little hungover really. Just in that one eye but really he promises he did not just smoke a giant doobie.

Quit looking at Buster. He does not know where you can get weed.

Buster is resting up for next Sunday.


Frank said...

Is Buster's partner in crime, Darla, in the same condition? Poor tired Buster.

kjungs said...

our pug, pav, looks pretty much the same after a walk. and man, all the grass sniffing and peeing on every single blade really gets old for the human tagging along. : ) pav takes 4 or 5 turns around a tuff of grass before he's ready to finally do something.