Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hey Blondie

I started growing my hair out this fall.

It was unintentional at first, I have had shorter hair for years. But my hair grows impossibly fast and I was bored with my cut and next thing you know it was just longer. And so I decided to see if I could wait it out.

Because my hair is difficult when short. But almost impossible long. It is thick and wavy and takes EONS to dry even with a blow dryer. I haven't had long hair since high school, when I had this all one length monster pyramid that weighed eighty-four thousand pounds. My hair was beautiful but not particularly flattering to me or my face. Just more pretty of it's own value.

I cut my hair shorter and I felt liberated. I had free time! My face looked better! Was a beauty miracle.

But am a fickle lass who is always wanting a change and growing it out a bit--I have now officially hit the medium to long category since it is at my shoulders--is the flavor of the month right now.

Odd thing is, I am getting REACTIONS from people about it.

Things I have learned by having longer hair (which admittedly is white blond so I am sure people deduct about eighty IQ automatically):

1. Boys like longer hair.

2. NO REALLY. I mean and I guess I knew that but I am not the kind of girl that causes a ruckus in front of a construction sight. However, my hair totally is that kind of girl. Also on the free way and from strange men on buses.

3. Women dig it too. It is like I get points for being friendlier than I am.

4. My husband, who always claimed that short hair is hot, really doesn't want me to cut it. I mean he would get over it. But there is much playing with my hair happening right now. Is very very odd.

5. Except I like getting my hair played with. Who knew? Is relaxing.

6. People are really weird about the color. Men in particular want to know if it is natural. Which honestly, I always interpret as a "what color is your pubic hair?" kind of question. If women ask I figure they want to know who my colorist is but guys always seem to be fishing for if the collar and cuffs match**.

7. BOYS REALLY LIKE LONG HAIR. Am I dumb? I mean I knew this was a preference but GODDAMN.

8. People will think you are taller and thinner than you really are. This is the most awesome part frankly. Used to be that people thought I was about 5'7 (which is about right) now they always guess 5'9 (what I would like to be) and some one says to me, "have you lost weight?" nearly every day. This could mean that I looked short and fat before of course.

So nothing earth shattering. The attention is odd because I don't think I look that good honestly. My face looks a little wonky and my hair is just SO BIG. But everyone else is having such a good time I am toughing it out.

Is practically a community service.

**In a big overshare but GOD everyone I have ever been naked with has been fascinated by this. Blond people (at least in my experience) do not have pubic hair that exactly matches their hair. It matches more closely to the eyebrows. Which is usually a shade or two darker. This is why I always laugh when people think my hair is fake because my eyebrows are darker because most people that have the matching eyebrows are dying them. If everyone starts staring at my eyebrows it is going to FREAK ME OUT PUBIC HAIR IS NOT THAT INTERESTING.

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Frank said...

Yea Anyabeth! You know I can't let a hair post go by without a comment. I told you 1 and 7 are so true. Must be something about the ways guys are wired or something. And #6 - thats not always the reason behind the question. But your footnote is so wrong. Its not only interesting, its fascinating!