Monday, March 20, 2006

But He Really Does Have Tiny Hands

Even though it is not even seven pm and first graders are still playing outside I am settling into bed for the night. This virus has taken my stamina and hocked it out like a gooey loogie. At two this afternoon I was totally wiped out, though I did fake my way through a couple more hours.

I think the combination of sickness and medicine made me really punchy because on the way home I could not stop staring at this woman. She was a very large woman, tall and with broad shoulders. And wearing GIANT cowboy boots. Actually, many things about her made me double check to make sure that she really was a woman, not that it should matter one way or the other. I finally checked her hands, and they were small enough that I was reasonably sure.

Then I started thinking about how my dad would be a good cross dresser. Because he has tiny hands and feet and incredibly thick hair.

Of all the things this virus has taken from me, the innocence of never imagining my father as a woman is what I think I will miss the most.

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