Sunday, March 26, 2006

Something Is Just WRONG With That

J and I have never been ones to care about the yard. To call us gardeners would be such an insult to gardens everywhere my guess is that flowers would rebel by not blooming in protest. Our old house had a lawn service built into the HOA dues so all we had to do was keep the weeds in our tiny flower beds down.

I am sorry to say that we never even did that.

Before we sold the place it was a mad dash to kill off shoulder-high weeks and plant something that was er alive in their place. We laid down bark and soil and just tried to make it look like we did some maintence at all during the previous four years.

The new place has no HOA and no lawn service. In theory this means that we just have to mow the lawn as there is not much in the way of a garden. But we are a lazy pair and it took us the better part of an afternoon to sweep up all the pine needles (an entire yard waste bin full of just needles) and cut up the big pile of cardboard boxes that have been piled up outside our mudroom since we moved in. We are so lazy that some of that cardboard had been there since September.

Yes. It did smell just as lovely as you might think. Especially with all the rain and dog piss.

Aren't I lovely for claiming other people are trash?

It is all gone now and frankly I am starting to think that my dad was right all along. That it is easier if you don't let it get so bad.


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Tonya79 said...

Feel bad for me! I have to go "treasure hunting" for my lovely 110 lb. lab's human sized crap in our back yard before we can start mowing. Not fun at all! Sorry for the mention of dog crap in your post, LOL!