Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cheerleaders Kick . . .

As some one who has watched Bring It On way too many times it shouldn't shock me that I am hopelessly in love with Cheerleader Nation.

Economically advantage spoiled southern girls who cheerlead and break curfew, what is not to love?

Actually, considering they are all in high school I just love all these girls and find them adorable. Yes, they are bratty about curfew and I just want to shake that Chelsea when she brats at her mother. But that is the age and I call my mother weekly to apologize for being an asshole as a teen so they can do it too. It is just oddly compelling to watch.

I personally love the football loving dad who has no boys and so is maybe a little too into his daughter's cheerleading. I want to adopt him and his adorable, "they work just as hard as football players" self.

Of course J sprained his eyeball rolling his shit at me for watching it today so . . .just another reason to hit subscribe on the Ti-Faux.

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