Thursday, April 26, 2007


Oh poor L. I spent at least half of her day whining about my damn hair. I am not adjusting to the length or professional coloring well (actually I like the color but I am not adjusting to not being able to do it at my own damn convenience very well, I don't have an appointment until the 12th--that is like next year). And I was like FIND ME A HAIR CUT WOMAN.

I just bitched and whined at her for hours via email. I don't even know why it was bugging me so much today. Well I do. It isn't so cute and I am bored with long hair but I promised J I would keep it long a little while longer (since I am never growing it out again) so I am toughing it out. I guess it isn't toughing if you whine the entire time.

But it made me think about all the shit that L and I talk about all day. Hair and makeup, clothes, vacuum cleaners. The best way to clean the dishwasher. We talk about her kids and lightly on politics, our parents, our junior high school, thongs and what to eat for lunch.

What did people do at work before the internet? And what would I do if she wasn't on her email all day?

Die of loneliness.


Frank said...
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Frank said...

Before the internet, at work, we used the phone. Hang in there with the long hair.

Linda B said...

I don't mind the whining about hair. Please, I do the same to you.

Man, when you go on vacation, I'm going to be pathetic, just sitting in front of my computer with no new mail. SIGH

Sandra said...

If you cut it you need to take another picture!