Monday, April 30, 2007

Back From BC

You might have noticed that J and I are not exactly the partying kind. This is from a combination of working and habits from when we were broke and the fact that we are not exactly college kids anymore. We like to have a good time but it's pretty rare that we go out and act like drunken fools.

So we did it for a whole damn weekend.

J had a business trip last week and I joined him for a little fun in Victoria, BC.

I am so worn out y'all. I acted like a grown up and rode up there with (GASP) a stranger and did NOT die (shocks me too). I re-discovered the vodka gimlet (I re-discovered it again and again actually, I believe the vodka gimlet and I are BFF and also possibly married in some more forgiving countries). A very fake woolly mammoth scared the shit out of me. I got picked up and then called a baby killer by the same obnoxious guy.

Oh the hits just kept on coming.

Due to some shenanigans on Saturday we didn't sleep pretty much at all. And then we got home last last night. So for now I will sleep in.

But tomorrow . . .pictures of the MAMMOTH!

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