Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back To The Petty

I know that L linked me (welcome y'all!) but I am just exhausted from being so fucking angry. The past couple of days have just been this vat of rage and disappointment. I cannot believe what assholes people are (pundits saying that victims should have fought back because he only had handguns GOD) and the racism and the threats of more violence. Damn y'all. It is 2007.

I thought we were better than this.

Actually I didn't. I want us to be though.

At any rate, it's back to normal petty nonsense which is what this site is really about. This past weekend I bought some new earbuds for my I-Pod (really AB? RIVETING) and I wanted this set that were twenty five dollars because I am cheap and that seems like a lot to me so I really didn't want anything that was 50-80 bucks which is what most of them were. We get to the checkout stand and these were really 40 dollars (fucking Best Buy always has their shit mislabeled and no price tags and BULLSHIT). J gave me all kinds of shit about being so cheap and how these would sound so amazing and I should live a little.

So I bought them. Because apparently I cave when my husband makes fun of me (this is also how I got the I-Pod to begin with, also every single nice thing I own I think). And they really do sound amazing. I mean I almost missed my stop on the bus because the are noise cancelling and I didn't hear the driver (must be attentive DAMN) but the quality is fantastic.

And then I lost them.

After ONE DAY.

My ten dollar ones I have had for way over a year. Making them about .003 cents per use. But the new fancy nice ones are forty dollars per use because I am an idiot.

I did find them today. On the ground. Under my car. Where I had run them over and let them get rained on. They seem to still work (I admit I was a little concerned plugging them in because electricity is like magic to me and maybe the little wizard in my I-Pod would be angry about the earphones?).

I just can't have nice things.

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