Friday, April 20, 2007

The Cubs Lost Today So I Am Skipping Baseball Tonight Anyway

Dirty confession time:

I want to like the Yankees. My team is in the National League and god knows I expect J to cheer for the Cubs (and WOE to him if he fails to do so enthusiastically). I should cheer for his team right? There is much to admire about the Yankees, they play all business baseball, do the right things at the right time. I love so many of the players (Jorge, Mo, Giambi).

But I can't do it. I really can't.

It's Red Sox v. Yankees weekend and the Yankees were just leading game 1 in the 8th with a three run lead. They brought Mo in and he coughed up the lead. That isn't fair, exactly. He has long been vulnerable to bloop shots (he jams hitters) and with runners on base the infield played in and got caught with their pants down. And I started clapping and screaming and cheering.

I guess 2007 isn't the year that I become a Yankee fan.

In other news, Art from Everclear is getting married. Again. I don't actually care about him being married--I'm married and I will still having baking dreams about him--but does the dude ever learn? Hope it works out for him this time. I don't know, on what marriage do you start thinking "hmmm, maybe I am not just picking the wrong person . . ."

At any rate, I think Art may be soon replaced by Robert from Dinner Impossible. There is something impossible hot about that geeky head on the buff body with the accent. And the dude can cook. Maybe in these dreams he will bake for me.

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