Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's Only Opening Day

And I have already told Joe Morgan to SHUT THE FUCK UP eleventy-thousand times. I know he is a Hall of Famer and all but could he not suck David Eckstein's dick the entire broadcast?

Since MLB still hasn't gotten their thumbs out of their asses and got the damn cable deal done I am facing a season of no Extra Innings. They have until midnight but could we get this deal done so I can watch some baseball.

I have to work tomorrow and so does J, so we can't gorge ourselves on baseball even if the package does get done. So even though it's Mets v. Cardinals tonight I am having to enjoy this. So many people my age don't like baseball and I guess I understand why. Being a baseball fan takes time, it takes effort. It's a game that is best if you follow the game, pay attention, love a team, love the players. It isn't a drop-in game. And I find that a lot of people just don't want to be active fans--they want the game to just unfold in front of them and entertain them. But baseball is at it's best when you are screaming at the TV (because Joe Morgan is an annoying ass) and disagreeing with the manager and even in the stands you are bitching with the other fans. That is why I am so heartbroken y'all--I AM GOING TO MISS SWEET LOU'S FIRST CUBBIE MELTDOWN IF THEY DON'T GET THIS DEAL DONE.

That might kill me.

So all y'all who don't like baseball, I feel sorry for you. There is nothing like Opening Day. There is nothing like loving a sport so much that you know entirely too much about it. I hate Cardinal fans, HATE THEM, but I love them at the same time. Because at least they love baseball. Even if their manager is a drunken cocksucker and they inexplicably just gave him a standing ovation.


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