Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Many Times Can I Use The Word Fuck In One Entry

I am so frustrated with the fucking Cubs I can barely stand it. It isn't just that Lou is mis-managing the games, or players or wasting at-bats or that they lost to the CARDINALS at WRIGLEY (though those things are certainly causing some screaminess here) but that they could be, SHOULD BE so much better.

It's just annoying as hell and they are killing my grandpa. He is probably clutching his heart right this second because of your stupid bench management issues LOU PINELLA SO FUCK YOU.

Ok I feel better now.

I have wee case of the fuck this's. My (internal) answer to everything that happens right now is FUCK THIS. Traffic? Fuck this! Seriously bullshitty drama at work about sitting on desks (apparently this is unprofessional and all of ye who participate shall be stoned in the square)? FUCK THIS!

J is leaving town on business tomorrow (fuck this) which will lead to doggy drama (fuck this harder) and he will have fun while I continue to deal with all the desk sitting fall out (fuck this like a goddamn porn star).

I suspect that my case of the Fuck This's will end Friday when I join him in Canada for a little weekend away (and forgive me, a little Fuck This).

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