Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Indication Of Health

I had to go into the lab today for some blood work (for those familiar with fertility workups the Day 22 blood work with a thyroid chaser). I felt incredibly sorry for the people in the waiting room of the walk-in clinic where the wait was already at two hours.

The lab tech who worked with me looked exactly like Katie Holmes. Not in a mildly similar way, but in a damn, I knew her career was in the toilet but this is ridiculous way. Also, not like I want some one who has had a lobotomy to jam a needle in my arm.

I am possibly the easiest person ever to draw blood from but she managed to bruise the hell out of me anyway. I suppose that is a talent.

The kid waiting next to me was coughing in such an ugly manner and getting a chest x-ray that I am sure I will have the plague or pneumonia any second now. Of course I don't think he was dying because he ogled my boobs rather obviously.

Do dying boys look at breasts?

He was like fifteen so probably.

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