Monday, May 28, 2007

Vacation Over

We got back Saturday. That fucking trip takes ages. Especially since we had to detour through Honolulu. At his core, J is a loner. He is a very extroverted personality, but dude prefers to be either in a big group or alone (in our sixth year of marriage I have finally figured out that when he invites other people on our romantic dinners alone it is not because he hates me) and I did wonder how that was going to work on a trip with us alone. I prefer small groups, just the two of us works great for me but I think he was tired of me pretty fast.

I surprised myself by being pretty social on this trip. I was downright friendly. I met people on the plane, I was friendly in the pool, at meals, on our evening cruise. I was practically a social butterfly. That being said J was just OVER being with people all the time.

On our flight home there were half a dozen infants. Two of which were screaming behind us for most of the first hour. This is when I figured out that I am just more patient than J with babies and such. He just thought it was unreasonable that these people had the babies on the flight in the first place. I just think that by bitching about that you are just guaranteeing that we will have a screaming brat of a child who will embarrass us on a flight somewhere. I don't think I would ever take my kid on such a long flight but damn I don't know that. There are circumstances where I might. And besides I know that whatever kid I end up with will have their fucking moments.

We got home early Sunday morning (like 1 am) and I spent most of Sunday sick as a dog. Today we just laid around like vegetables and slacked off. I had crazy dreams about missing school exams and having bronchitis. I think my body is missing vacation. But who wouldn't miss that view.

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