Friday, May 25, 2007


My parents didn't really believe in sunscreen. I am sure that they put it on us at some point in my childhood but I don't remember. And I know they never reapplied. I am fairly certain my dad has never worn it and my mom only became a believer after a particular trip to Florida where we all looked like we'd been dipped in cherry flavoring. My sister had a red front that flaked painfully and a white back after a nap by the pool.

When I was a kid we just gradually tanned and occasionally burned. Noxema smells like summer to me because I would absolutely be coated in the shit (plus aloe gel) from May to September. I wore t-shirts in pools. I took piping hot showers after long days in the sun to take the heat out of my skin.

Of course none of this explains how I still got scalded this week enough that I am now fucking peeling.

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