Sunday, May 20, 2007

Don't Hate Me

Oh y'all. This is why people take vacations.

We flew out yesterday and even though there were some minor annoyances (rude flight attendants, a huge delay, rental car lines and then getting lost trying to find our resort) it is just gorgeous here. Worth everything. Every penny. And the annoyance.

Friday night we got to hang out with cousin Billy at a baseball game. We don't see him often and I forget that not only is he a source of a lot of great stories but he is just so nice. Most of J's relatives make me fear for my future's children's DNA but there are a couple (his mother, Billy, an aunt and his non-scary grandmother) that I would like to put in my pocket and carry around forever.

And then we flew to Hawaii. It's been a great weekend.

Our resort has the tackiest decor ever and who the fuck cares. We have a great balcony to stage cribbage battle royales. There is an incredible beach here and pools and . . .

Don't hate me ya'll.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Did you fly Hawaiian Air? Hateful.
Am glad you are enjoying yourselves, even though I'm SO LONELY AT WORK. heh