Tuesday, May 29, 2007

His Argument Is That People Can Throw It Away BUT DAMN STOP SENDING IT ARGH ** NOW EDITED

The first day back at work after a time away is always the worst. So many emails and pissy phone calls that are trying to kill the post-vacation buzz. I still want to write about my vacation and ART from Everclear (that concert was ages ago--I shouldn't even write about except to say he is delicious and the concert rocked and I want to lick him--there no entry needed) but dude.

***Y'all I bitched J out for telling (an admittedly much more detailed version with my name and all) of this story to people at his work (very paranoid about being fired) so even though I never had the details posted here it is hard to have the moral high ground when you have told the internet the (highly edited) version of the story.

For those late to the party. I hate people.

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Frank said...

We have a woman in my office that does the same thing. What she sends out is at best annoying as it clogs up my mailbox and at worst boderline racist, religiously inappropriate and right wing politically claptrap. I can't tell you how many Hillary jokes she has sent out over the years. Her only redeeming feature is she regularly brings in goodies for us to eat. I've sold my soul for baked goods.