Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Meh. I shouldn't have bragged about my lack of sunburn. Because I got a little toasted yesterday golfing. Like how I slipped that in? How I golfed and finished just over par on a gorgeous course? I didn't actually golf. I just drove the cart (fancy cart with GPS and electronic scoring and maps and shit) and burned the fuck out of my left shoulder.

This sunburn doesn't even make my top ten worst or anything but still. Hubris isn't that sweet when it is me y'all.

Today we have no plans. I am not convinced that J will ever wake up since I have been up for HOURS and he is still snoozing. But he did golf for eighty-seven years yesterday in the heat and I suppose he deserves a little lie-in. Our lack of plans would normally lead to a morning at the beach but given my current skin issues that might be a dumbass thing to do. Which probably means we'll do it anyway. BRILLIANT.

My biggest goal for the day is to not shower three times. That is the minumum I have showered each day since we got here and frankly it is ridiculous. But I do not know how else you are supposed to deal with salt and sand and chlorine and GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE.

So two showers tops today. Big goals.

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Frank said...

If your chief goal for the day is avoiding three showers, you're vacationing the right way. Its a time to just unwind and chill out. You did have me going for a minute there on the golfing. Glad to hear you're having a grand time.