Friday, May 25, 2007

Drunken Blogging and I AM AN ASSHOLE

Before we left our friend said to skip the luau and go on a dinner cruise. Good call. Even better was luck to get paired with a fun assed couple. Once they announced that they were 49er fans well the whole boat was ready to kick our asses. They were a delightful couple and we all ate and drank like pigs. AWESOME.

Josh Hancock's father lost my sympathy today. WTF asshole? I know you are grieving. But your son was drunk, high, speeding and on the fucking phone. He plowed into a tow truck and killed himself. You can be sad, you should be sad. That is a fucking waste. What it is not, is anyone's fault but his. Take your lawsuits and shut the fuck up you tool. Seriously.

Since I have also insulted a deaf person this week I am pretty sure I am the worst person in the world. Might as well tell off a grieving father too.

God I love vacation.

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