Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Couple That Acts Like Assholes Together Stays Together

We had some moments during our vacation that made me realize, once again, that J is the only man could I have ever married.

The best of those happened the night we went on a dinner cruise. Several of my friends mentioned that while luaus are fun, the dinner cruises are much more mellow and intimate. The dinner cruise serves prime rib and luaus don't so the choice was actually very simple. You would think that I am about to write about holding hands while watching the sunset, or dancing on the boat or looking deeply into each other's eyes. But that would be a different blog, from a different woman who is married to a very different man.

No, the moment I thanked my lucky stars that I met this man and married him despite all logic to the contrary happened before we got on the boat. We were waiting in the sun with all the other couples and J starting laughing to himself. He was almost embarassed to tell me but he should have remembered that this is AB LastName he is talking to and I am a retched retched soul. So he admits that he is picking out all the newlyweds in the crowd. And trying to figure out which ones will be divorced in the first three years.

You can easily pick out the newlyweds in a crowd like that. The men look all mellow but deeply cowed from early marital nagging but lots of sex, the women look smug and have french manicures (I am deeply distrutful of women with french manicures--especially the ones with the damn rhinestones in the center but I understand them for weddings). We spent forty five minutes picking out couples and laying bets. I wish there was a way to figure out if we chose correctly. We totally did though--that girl was orange and looked like she was going to cheat on him on their honeymoon.

Marry a man who shares your interests--even if your interests are being a catty catty bitch.

Especially if your interests are being a catty catty bitch.


Sandra said...

Sounds like a good time on vacation. My husband and I talk about if our friends (who are couples) are going to stay together, is that petty?

Anonymous said...

*puts post in frame*