Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not Sure I Am The New Tiger

I went golfing this morning.

I didn't actually golf, GOD NO, but I got up for an early tee time this morning. I wore a jacket because the sun was not heating things up yet. I drove the cart and I hunted through the damn woods when J lost his ball at almost every hole.

Six months ago J started golfing. I was in denial at first. I thought he would get bored. Or lose interest. But he just got more and more sucked in. He goes to the driving range a couple of times a week. Tries to play a round a couple of times a month. He watches golf on TV. He reads books about it. I know where entirely too many golf superstores are located.

Clearly this is a more than a passing fancy.

Since we were trying to treat this trip as at least a partial vacation he golfed with my aunt on Friday and wanted to go again before we went home. So I came as the laziest caddy ever. And took a lot of pictures. And made fun of his posture.

I actually had a good time. Gorgeous course, beautiful day and just a nice relaxing time. He wants me to take lessons so that we can do this as a couple.

He has grand visions of golfing vacations and hours spent together on this new shared hobby. I guess I can try. Especially if he can manage to get tee times that don't make me drag my ass out of bed so early.

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Frank said...

Its a slippery slope Anyabeth. First softball and now golf. We won't know you by next summer. It will turn into a golf blog! :-)