Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At Least I Am Not Posting Photos Of My Urine . . .YET

It's not that my sister's wedding wasn't grand and all it is just that it resembled nothing like a vacation. It was stressful and the hotel sucked and at times we were bored (it was vacation-like in that J whined about golf a lot and was drunk the whole time). We had the longest day in the history of the world yesterday--with delayed flights and a last second terminal change that had us running (ME RUNNING) to catch the plane and my mother got very stoned to convince herself that small planes don't bother her a bit.

We got home very late only to have to drive to Egypt to pick up the dogs who were PISSED that we left them with Travis for a week. And then we passed out. There is blood in my urine, I have a fever and feel like vomiting. Work was crazy. And I am just fucking tired.

I promise to be more interesting later. Of course I have been promising that for months so it just could be that this interesting is all relative.

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