Saturday, October 14, 2006

Low Standards

I am so pissed off at the fucking Comfort Inn.

We are not fancy hotel people. Mainly because we are cheap and can only afford cheap vacations. And I have long loved the Comfort Inn because they are a middle priced hotel (not CHEAP but not crazy expensive either) but clean and well . . comfortable.

My sister lives in a tiny town. A tiny town that has expensive ass hotels so the Comfort Inn here is nowhere near cheap. And is a fucking dump.

It is dirty. They didn't clean our room for fucking three days (and only cleaned it today because my mom pitched a fit). It is smoky. There is mold on the ceiling in the bathroom. An employee just walked right in when we were getting dressed for my sister's wedding (hope you enjoyed staring at my boobs dude). They were installing carpet at EIGHT AM above our room the first night.

And we are paying entirely too much for the priviledge.

When we get home I am going to be writing a lot of letters to their corporate offices and reviews on travel sites. If you are to charge this much you ought to not be completely fucking disgusting.

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