Sunday, October 01, 2006

Free Is For AB

Last night we had the chance to go to a Thunderbirds' game for free. We generally prefer our hometown Everett Silvertips in WHL hockey but free tickets are free tickets. Especially since this was a chance to use a luxury suite in the Key Arena.

I love WHL hockey. It is essentially glorified high school hockey. The passing and stick handling are sloppy. But the kids skate fast, they hit hard and there is a lot of fighting.

For the first time I felt a twinge of sympathy for the Sonics and their whining about the luxury suites at the key. I mean they are not really so luxurious. This is the Sonics' fault, of course, since they designed the damn things, but yeah.

It was fun up there though. You can see everything and we had the TV set to first the WSU game and then the dog show. It made watching the game really social. You watch the game sure, but also talk to your friends. Kind of a party atmosphere.

Best part by far? PRIVATE BATHROOM. Oh! And private entrance! No line! Next to the parking garage!

The only shitty part of the whole evening was this family that was sharing the suite with us. Now I am definitely not a kid hater and I actually think minor league hockey is an excellent place to take a child. But you know, letting a toddler run around, scream, push on the other people in the suite, throw cups over the ledge onto the people seated below and just generally act wild without even attempting to control him was just not cool. I wouldn't have cared at all if they were paying any attention to him, but they just ignored him. Even creepier was this whole moment when the mom got frustrated with him crawling all over the seat and shoved him hard and he fell upside down (he was not hurt). He cried and she laughed at him. Was strange. The little boy was actually a very sweet little boy his parents were just wackos.

But still. Free suite!

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