Sunday, October 22, 2006

But Don't Hold Your Breath

J and I went golfing again today--uh we went last Sunday WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME WHY IS THE WORLD TURNING THE OTHER DIRECTION?!--and it was a gorgeous day. But why did no one tell me that golf courses in the greater Seattle area are not as warm as those in Florida? I was SHOCKED by the development since that meant I needed to wear a damn fleece and (sadly) I had my down jacket with me. It turned into a gorgeous day but the shady parts of the course were not so AB friendly. I take back all my whining in Florida. I will take 55 degrees over this 40 degree shit.

Also different? No palm trees or palmettos. WHO KNEW?

I feel like I am just now recovering from our trip. Work was just rough this week. SO much shit to do (and drama at home), still sort of jet lagged. So many hours. UGH. Plus, you know, had to stay up and watch Project Runway on Wednesday.

I gave Darla a hair cut and a bath yesterday (deserving a purple heart in the process let me say) because J had to take Buster to get his shots and ears checked. We are the kind of terrible dog owners that we allow our pugs ears to smell like a cesspool before we do anything about it. Understandably neither dog liked us much last night. Something about abandoning them for a week and then either trying to drown them of allow stranger to tackle and the jab needles into their skin.

We're sequestered in our cellar now. Eating cheetos, watching football (SHIT is Hasselback OUT?) and relaxing.

Maybe I'll stop being boring this week.

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