Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not Just For Degrassi and 90210

I don't really use my TiFaux the right way. I mean I record shows and watch them commerical free. I have hours and hours of things I am embarassed about ready and waiting in my que.

But I abuse the priviledge because I also use my TiFaux for evil.

I pause during shows trying to freeze certain actresses in unflattering poses. This is particularly fun if you can make a very thin girl look fat.

I also use pause so I can throw things at the TV.

I save shows that have yummy men in them so I can watch them over and over (sad but true confession, there is a certain episode of Mythbusters that I kept for six months for that purpose).

I save shows that I will never actually watch because I feel like I should be watching them.

Worst of all, I still have a Sportscenter saved from when Harold Reynolds was on.

I really need to delete that.

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