Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Update

Awesome thing discovered today: TVGasm is recapping that horrifying (only watchable in five minute shots) Tila Tequila show! Which means I don't have to drown myself in shame anymore! WOOT.

I'm sort of bored really, because I don't feel up to much. And my family (and J) are obsessively telling me to rest. I spend more time in bed than is strictly necessary but my hands are still swollen (something no one but my mother understands, because my hands are really teeny and smaller than hers generally but not right now, night now they look like oven mitts compared to normal) and this morning my face was sort of a puffball. This is annoying but it is what it is. And swelling on it's own isn't that big of a deal. Except my joints all hurt, that really sucks.

I thought I would be busting out of the house with boredom by now really but I am just sort of tired. I guess I am just down for the next couple of months, planning any fun pretty carefully. Which is sad because, LAST MONTHS OF FREEDOM, but is not really bothering me much. I suppose I'll regret it later.

On Thursday night I came home to a police business card stuck in my front door. Our neighbor saw our front door open (and no one being home) and called the cops (which is really great of him). Nothing is missing and it is possible that J just didn't latch the door properly (that has happened before). But he swears he remembers locking the door and I believe him. Which is freaking me out but it's almost like I am not even up to dealing with it.

That sounds dumb when I am typing it out, it is dumb clearly, but we haven't done anything so we are pretty dumb in general. We'll have to do something, I have no desire to be hacked up by some crazy person who would break into my house but not take anything? GAH

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