Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bad Things Come In Threes So This Better Be It

I actually got up in time to make the early bus this morning. Of course the driver was early and left the five us chasing the damn bus. That's right, he left a pregnant lady chasing him.

When I got to work the elevator wasn't working properly. And I ended up walking up the stairs (SEVEN FLIGHTS) and being very sorry. My legs did ok (which is amazing given the extra weight I am carrying) but my lungs just about collapsed. Girlfriend is shoved up into my ribcage and my lungs are smooshed under normal circumstances but walking that far? DAMN.

When I got home tonight I managed to clog up the toilet, even though it wasn't like a spectacular shit or anything. I couldn't unclog it (which given my sister's troubled history with our plumbing when she flushed q-tips and cotton balls and messed up those pipes forever is quite EXTENSIVE). J got home and spent a long time and couldn't unclog it. He went and bought a snake and he couldn't really unclog it. He called Roto Rooter and was threatening the toilet with an intervention when it miraculously unclogged itself.


For those playing at home, I am seven months pregnant. My legs and ankles swell up into hourglass shapes each night and end up peeing out a lot of fluid. Last night I peed seven times in an hour last night. The thought of having to go outside, walk in the rain, unlock a door and go into our cellar in order to pee all night, would be a NIGHTMARE.

So as far as I am concerned J is a genius.

But I do feel like I should go to bed and not touch anything again.

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