Monday, November 12, 2007


So today . . . blew chunks.

I told my pal L (who I don't link, because she isn't really blogging anymore) about my swelling yesterday. And she nagged me into calling the nurse at my OB's office. Since my doctor is near my house and it is a giant pain in the ass for me to get there I only wanted to go in if I needed to and as the tie breaker the nurse had me go down to the drugstore and use their blood pressure monitor.

It was really fucking high (for me).

So off to the doctor I went. And I was admitted into the hospital for monitoring. Since J is in Montana, I was on my own. Everything is fine, the baby is fine, I'm fine. Just having to be careful, take it easy and silently freak out.

Technically this baby is viable. But 28 weeks is way too early. She needs to cook another couple of months. So stay in there little girl. No ponies out here for you.

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Eeek said...

An alone hospital trip? That completely sucks balls. I hope the you are feeling better and are able to rest without too much freaking out.
Maybe you can threaten her with grounding, you know breaking curfew...