Sunday, November 11, 2007

Counting Down

J's big thing lately is that each week we have to check something off the list. He is very concerned about having everything all set on time. Part of me agrees with him, it's nice to see things progressing, but part of me is like oh get over yourself because the kiddo doesn't give a shit if everything is all perfect. Mostly I am glad that he has put himself in charge of something.

Not that he is in charge of researching anything or deciding what we need to do--that's all on me--but he is in charge of actually getting us to do things. Which is valuable but I can't help but wish that he would pick up an issue of Consumer Reports or something.

We went out last night, hanging out with friends at their house. But this morning I woke up all swollen and sore. It's a little scary how that can happen. Since I am in the third trimester now, it feels like I am just trying to outlast this thing. Just cook the kid as long as possible without anything horrible happening.

There are worse things than a day in bed. But I've got 12 weeks to go. And I really don't want to do all of them in bed.

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