Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Worrying About A Lot Of Things

The world is spinning. Well I suppose it always spins, at least according to science and all, but the sinuses are just fucking with me and I feel all light headed.

I suppose teenagers everywhere are stealing good pharmaceuticals and huffing all sorts of glues in order to get this feeling and I should just roll with it.

Of course I have been dealing with a massive project that has huge financial impacts for my job all week so being dizzy and out of it is just really excellent timing. Let me spend millions of dollars when I really shouldn't even be driving a car.

On the other hand, it is sort of awesome to feel drunk at work.

My performance review at work is coming up (what a segue! and awesome timing with the drunken feeling!). I'm a little panicked. I never once worried about my report card growing up but somehow the grown up version always makes my stomach drop straight past my knees, bounce off of the ground and whacks me in the nose. I am always semi-convinced that I am going to get fired even if I am doing a good job (long time readers will remember that this actually happened to me so I mean my nerves are not totally insane) and honestly sometimes it is hard to know how good of a job you are doing. So yes. PLEASE LET ME NOT GET FIRED AND ALSO A RAISE WOULD BE GOOD.

Tomorrow is my infertility appointment where I go and beg and plead and say please just help me I promise I will not let my baby drown in the toilet. Think that tactic will work? I'm worried that the doctor won't help me because obviously I can get pregnant or that something will be terribly wrong. I am just working myself up over the unknown of it all and even though I know that is pointless I am still doing it.

With all this working you would think I would break a sweat and wear leg warmers.

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