Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bring On Spring

Since it was a blizzarding outside I felt safe last night thinking that I would not be heading into the office this morning. J and I were watching Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother on Ti-Faux when the power went out and we heard a sickening crash. After a ridiculous, practically Three Stooges, run around to get boots we bolted outside to find half of a tree missing and through our power, cable and phone lines.

The best news? We had somehow gotten incredibly lucky again and the tree missed our neighbor's garage. Also, only our power and cable were out which was important because our neighbor's elderly mother lives with her and I do not need to even think about an eighty year old woman with no heat in the kind of cold that was happening last night. We sloshed around the house, gathering blankets, trying to find a phone book so we could call the power company and managed to get J's cell phone. I have to say I was massively impressed with the service of PUD and Comcast. PUD had guys out here at midnight and had our power on this morning. Comcast had the cable and phone up this evening. So other than the giant tree in the back there is no lasting harm.

Of course I didn't get to have a day at home doing work in my jammies. We had "Bring Your Wife To Work Day" and man. I don't like my office much but I love it compared to his. It's all quiet and the bathroom was in the middle (and damn it when you have Crohn's disease not shitting is not an option). And everything was working so slowly since I was connected remotely.

I don't know how we are getting so lucky not having huge damage to our property or anyone else's (or how we are so unlucky to have fucking trees dropping all over the place) but I am over winter. FUCK WINTER.

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L said...

Dayam gina. Scary tree.