Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If My Hair Was This Color And I Was Sixty I Would Be Rocking

I'm ready to confess.

Long time readers know that I color my hair at home. I have naturally light blond hair but I like to tweak it--with highlights or adding a little ash or a little gold to it as I go. I have certain colors that work for me and I am loyal to those brands and colors. I have it down to a science.

Except they keep discontinuing my colors.

I am guessing that colors that work for me don't work for people who are trying to radically change their color. And those lovely, very functional colors are pulled from the shelves. Bastards.

This just happened again and I was in search of another product. I decided to try Garnier. BIG MISTAKE. It dried the hell out of my hair and turned the ends a strange blue/purple grey. I followed the directions carefully, even though they seemed ridiculous and counter intuitive. If you do not want blonds to use your colors then label them appropriately GARNIER. Bizarrely enough, the color actually made my hair a darker blond. Even though it should have been lighter. Just a fucking mess.

So I left a pleading message on my hairdresser's machine last night. I called in sick to work and am hankering down waiting to fix this mess. I feel ridiculous being so damn vain about my hair but seriously, I work in the kind of company that I will be working thirty years from now and some one would make a comment about it.

I guess I will need to stop tweaking my color. BASTARDS

At least our new washer and dryer were delivered today. They are GORGEOUS. As a result of the damn dog food recall (those cocksuckers trying to kill puppies!) we had to rush out and get an emergency replacement. The replacement caused the dogs to have some . . .er . . . issues on some towels downstairs. So I am trying out the sanitation cycle on the new washer.

There is a silver lining joke in there somewhere but I am a little too raw to enjoy it.

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