Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Behavior Modification

J does some computer work on the side. People we know, or who know people we know, have him work on their machines and occasionally he gets an OH SHIT MY COMPUTER IS MELTING call. And a couple we know made such a call a couple of weeks ago. They just wanted their data back, they knew the machine was toast.

Which was pretty funny when J posed this ethical dilemma to me last night. It seems that the husband in this couple has an extensive file of porn (nothing freaky just normal free or cheap internet porn). And J wasn't sure if he should restore it or not. Since some women frown on their husbands looking at porn.

The husband was pretty glad that J checked with him first, just to avoid the discussion.

I don't care about porn. And am always surprised when I find out women I know do. If J started in on me about getting breast implants or if he never wanted to have sex because he masturbated all the time then we would have a problem. But if he just likes porn I don't see the problem.

But what I find more fascinating about it, is this idea that you can stop your husband from doing anything. I would like that power. Honestly. Women who are scary enough that they can just look at their husband and they snap to attention? TEACH ME. Because I am not scary. And I can't figure out what I could do to him that he would even care about. I mean, I wouldn't waste the look on porn but leaving tin cans on the countertops? That is worth some laser beam eyeballs my friend.

Short of a cattle prod I don't think I could do much to change J's behavior. I guess that is a positive thing. I trust him. I wouldn't be married to him if I had a smidgen of doubt about him. And it is a relief. I would think it would be exhausting to wonder about my husband, to worry about what he was doing at his computer late at night or in the bathroom for so long.

Just don't leave the nudie mags where my mom will find them.

Or the laser beams come out.

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Linda B said...

Tin can lids on the counter??? I can feel my Cylon eye starting to burnnnn....