Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why Are There No Snarky Old Ladies On The Muppet Show?

You know those old crabby men muppets? The ones that make snide comments about what is happens to Kermit and Piggy and all that foolishness? Well besides the fact that those men are my soul mates they have huge wrinkly crevices in their faces. So deep that I am sure the crumbs from their daily Twinkies get all stuck and nasty in them. At least they have a fucking excuse being old and made of foam and all.

So why do I have those same damn crevices in my face? My sinuses are SWOLLEN y'all. And J has a sore throat and we are the most pitiful couple in America. In fact he is chomping at the bit to go to bed right now.

It is eight thirty.

I need to go clean the crumbs out of my wrinkles before I go to bed. Girl has to take care of her complexion.

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