Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness

I don't actually know anything about basketball. I don't care about it much either. But I get sucked in by the tournament.

I think it is one part office-sanctioned gambling, one part liking to competing at anything and another part liking the opportunity to beat J at anything. Actually beating J at something that he has skill in and I do not is an irresistible opportunity. I cannot be held accountable.

Whatever it is, I was screaming FUCK THOSE MORMONS during the BYU game last night and was way too excited to see Duke go down. I am doing pitifully at my work bracket (I even lost a Sweet Sixteen team today) but kicking ass at J's bracket (which is the most important one even though it is worth less money).

I drove home from work with no coat on and the windows down. This has nothing to do with March Madness--or DOES IT?

I don't know why I get so sucked into these things. Fantasy Baseball doesn't hit me quite as hard because the season is so long. And I avoid Fantasy Football like the plague since I know eventually y'all would find me weeping into the rug about my sack category. It is just too easy to get obsessive compulsive about this stuff.

I saw a guy wearing fucking JAMS today. This has nothing to do with March Madness--or DOES IT?!?!?!

I should stop that.

It's Friday night and I am rocking jeans and a Ramones' t-shirt, in bed with scores flashing on the lap top and flipping between channels on TV (which, side note, CBS's feed just blows). THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

Some one check on me tomorrow. If I lose another Sweet Sixteen team I might found wandering the streets of Everett whimpering WHY DID I PICK ILLINOIS?!

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Frank said...

Anyabeth! How could you pick against Virginia Tech. For shame.