Friday, February 16, 2007

Train Damaged

I fell off the train today.

I should end this post right there. That has real drama and potential. I could have been shoved off the train by a hit man. I could have been fleeing a maniac terrorizing me with those flavored Oreos (like the minty ones) I feel very strongly that Oreos come in regular and double stuffed and that is that.

Sadly (well I suppose there was no Orea terrorist and that is a good thing) it was nothing so interesting. My heel got caught on the step and I crashed onto the steps flat on my damn face. My legs had just healed from being all mangled the night I got smashed on limoncello martinis and fell on my bathtub. My knees are all jacked up now and I am all swollen and limpy. DAMN ME TO HELL. At least my pants didn't rip. I think I would have walked (ok hobbled) up the stairs and got on a bus home.

Instead I self-medicated with a cheesy egg and bacon croissant.

Since I am sure y'all find my tales of commuting fascinating in every way, on the way home these kids get on (which is unusual, it's all boring commuters normally) and they are punked out in a very Hot Topic kind of way. I sort of chuckled because these kids are so suburban it just steams off of them but I also admired that they were freaking out all of the commuters. There were so many looks amongst the passengers about the hooligans on the train. But then they just kept running around and being loud and I don't know acting like teenagers and I found myself all "You damn kids, stay off my LAWN and keep it down!"

I'm an old lady.

But then one of them tried to look down my shirt which in a weird way cheered me up. I shouldn't analyze this too much.

But three day weekend! Free hockey tickets, shopping with my mom and a day to sleep on Monday. Most excellent indeed.

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Frank said...

You must still have it if the teenagers are still trying to look down your shirt. :-) Hope your knee is ok. Enjoy your long weekend.