Thursday, February 15, 2007

Most Boring Couple EVER

I really want to leave y'all with the impression I didn't post last night because J and I were having wild married Valentine's Day sex (because if you are reading here you already know we were not being crazy romantic) but sadly no (oh well, I mean at least not the wild part heh). I was working. I have been working late for weeks now, and that being coupled with being sick has made me the dullest person imaginable.

As you might as imagine, J and I are not really Valentine's Day people. It is just ten days before our anniversary, which is a more personal day to celebrate. We give each other cards, which is plenty (as an aside, does anyone else feel like they are signing a yearbook when they write a card, I never want to just sign it so I have to write a little something and next thing you know I am practically dragging out the "have a great summer! stay sweet!" like it is seventh grade). In fact the one thing that J could do to disappoint me is bring home a dozen roses.

I know some women just love roses and practically demand them, but to me it screams impersonal and a total cop-out. If that is your favorite flower that is one thing but to me if you want to send flowers you find out the what the person really loves and get that. If that is carnations then that is romantic, roses as a default selection is just sort of lame. I am sure the tradition began when roses were rare and special but I swear, a token of love that can be purchased at QFC for 9.99 is nothing I care to receive (wow that sounds snobby). BUT EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Let me say that J getting me flowers would be a "shut up" gesture, not a sign of undying devotion. I am sure there are men that are just driven to buy these flowers and that is great.

J made dinner last night, I doubt really as a gesture but more because I was late as fuck and the poor dear just wanted to eat.

Who said married life isn't WILD?

He has been taunting me with hints about my anniversary gift--which is his first successful (so far!) surprise for me ever. I found a great gift for him too but he is not searching for hints. DAMN HIM and his patience!

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