Sunday, February 04, 2007

He Was Made Up Like A Seventh Grade Hussy

The Super Bowl was really fucking fun. Lots of opportunities to heckle Rex Grossman (a serious conversation about calling my sister and singing "Rocky Top" to celebrate the fall of the Gator and rise of Peyton Manning). We were having a blast with the Colts win.

And Tony Dungy, who I really like, ruined it a bit for me. He said something after the game about people should admire him and Lovie Smith because they were "Christian coaches."

I understand what he meant, sort of, but I think after all the religious scandals and hypocrisy and ugliness of the last few years that we can all agree that Christian does not equal good. It doesn't equal bad, that isn't what I am saying, but there is something sanctimonious and rude about saying that you deserve to win the Superbowl because you are Christian (so other coaches are not good people? Muslims and Buddhists shouldn't win?).


I'm sure you are a lovely man Tony Dungy. BUT SHUT UP.

And also, please Steve Young, a little less eyeliner next year.

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Linda B said...

I don't think he meant it that way, in my opinion. I think he was just proud of his belief, and nothing is wrong with that. Would you have been just as offended if a Muslim had thanked Allah? I don't think what he said was in any way offensive to those who aren't Christians, nor do I think he was denigrating any other religious belief. I think it's easy to judge or think it's rude if a Christian says something. That's what the man believes. So what? Should it offend me that you are Jewish and are proud of it? Of course not. I think it's easy to point the judgy finger when it's a Christianity based comment. Just as you want to be respected for what you believe, you should respect his choice.