Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Anniversary Isn't For A Week But He Might Have Gotten A Little Early Tail

I have to give J credit. He is one sneaky motherfucker.

I hadn't seen my mother in almost two months. I usually see her weekly, but I had a miscarriage and didn't want to see anyone, then she got sick, then I went to New York and she got sick again, then I got sick and now she is sick again but it had been two months so she wanted to come up and go shopping for a new outfit for Easter.

We went shopping and the poor dear was dragging. She is obviously still sick, and I am worried. But we did find her some cute things and it was a nice day. And she perked up enough that she wanted to go our favorite burger place for lunch. I figured they would just leave after but my dad said he left some tools at my house and wanted to come back to get them.

The boys had not been cleaning up branches at my house like they said they were. I mean they did that, but the main purpose was a surprise for me. And I had NO IDEA.

J has never kept a secret from me before. He plans big surprises and then blurts them out or I find out accidentally. He just gets excited, he wants to tell me about these incredible things he plans for me. But this time he had me fooled.

My mother was sick as hell but had an important role to play. She had to get me out of the house for a couple of hours while Comcast came out and hooked up HD in my bedroom for my new flat screen television HANGING ABOVE MY DRESSER.

I imagine some women would be less than thrilled with a television--it doesn't seem so romantic. But J knows that I have missed having a tv in our room since we moved here. Especially when I was sick, I just didn't want to get out of bed. But J really didn't want one, he thinks it takes up too much space and is a focus. But he knew I wanted one, and bought me this gorgeous thing that allowed me to see every fucking pore on Harrison Ford's face when I watched The Empire Strikes Back this morning (trivia that is meaningless to everyone, this is J's favorite Star Wars movie and I have come to like it because truly it is when Harrison is at his most dreamy).

There are about eight-seven reasons this present is amazing. From him getting e something I didn't even realize I wanted. From keeping it a secret while torturing me with hints. To the logistics of it all--get my parents to conspire, scheduling Comcast, ordering the tv (which he even got a BARGAIN on). That is some serious thoughtful shit.

As a side note, I nearly passed out watching Iron Chef America Battle Chocolate today. Goddamn.

He is a dreamboat that husband of mine.

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Sandra said...

awe. That is sweet.