Saturday, February 03, 2007

Of Course I Am Still Elevating My Feet Because DAYAM

Yesterday we drove to Portland to watch Everclear at the Crystal. I'm not really big on concerts (I used to date a real dick and we went to concerts all the time, and in my brain those experiences are intertwined and BAH) but I actually really like Everclear and it sounded like a fun show (such a small venue).

We decided to make a mini-trip of it. Neither of us went to work yesterday, we dumped the dogs with my parents and scooted to Portland. We met our friend T and his friend (lets call her Perky because DAMN SHE IS PERKY). The two are not dating my Perky really fucking likes T and it is sort of sad. Not because she shouldn't like him, naturally we think T is wonderful, but that he just sort of leads her on because he is too nice. At any rate, we like Perky but damn those two are awkward to be around.

But a lovely hotel room in downtown Portland (king bed! we need a bigger bedroom because I ADORE the king bed), a nice dinner (with booze, we love booze) and then the concert. That ballroom is really a cool setup. Very intimate. But the signs everywhere detailing their policy on moshing and crowd surfing (that is: DON'T or you will be removed and possibly hobbled) were sort of alarming because they seemed to be inspired by construction restraints. That was made pretty clear because when people moved around the floor SWAYED. I have to admit, during the first song by Everclear when he urged the crowd to jump I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. The floor bounced and I thought, "we're all going to die, my parents are going to see this on the news, damn the poor dogs are going to be pissed." But I think they pretty much have figured out that floor can handle five hundred jumping people but NOT five hundred and one.

Was a great show, the opening bands were great, the crowd was largely great (except the fucking couple in front of us that I almost got into a fist fight with, I settled on "accidentally" shoving them repeatedly after they kept throwing elbows and hitting me in the face) and we had a blast. I mean my feet were SO swollen when we got bad to the hotel but that seemed like a small price to pay.

And tomorrow is the Superbowl. Hell of a weekend!

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