Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wild Partying Ways

Yesterday was my baby shower. I've never had a shower of any kind before, because I find large groupings of women terrifying. But my friends L and C did such a great job. No stupid games, nummy fattening food and not so many people STARING at me.

Little Miss has cleaned up because people are so nice. Pregnancy makes me just generally weepy so the generosity of my friends and family makes me sniff a bit. And she has gotten so many lovely things. Girl has more close than I do at this point I think. I went through it all today, straightened out the bedding (J put it on her crib and somehow he thought the crib skirt went on top of the sheets?) and got things organized. Other than the WTF feeling I get when I see all that stuff it looks great in there. I get that same feeling from the stroller in my entryway (which I put together my ownself last night). It's like, WHY IS THERE ALL THIS BABY STUFF EVERYWHERE?

Today my parents showed up with a glider. They knew I wanted one but that I was being cheap and not buying one because damn everything for a baby costs so much. And while people have been amazingly generous it still seems that everything for a baby costs a hundred dollars. Unless it costs more than a hundred dollars. So since I knew the glider was a non-essential I was just going to skip it. But Grandma and Grandpa felt that Baby will need rocking and rocking she shall get and went to Costco. The thing is nice too, with a gliding ottoman and microfiber cushions.

J is somewhere in Oregon right now, driving his mother back. Apparently it is snowing like a motherfucker so they will get here in the middle of the night I guess. Poor thing. He is hungover. I knew he was in trouble when the emails he sent me from his blackberry were barely English last night. I suggested that maybe he wouldn't want to get drunk and then have to drive home today but he claimed he wasn't drunk.

Maybe not but the emails that you sent me at 11:30--which weren't really for me--say otherwise.

I am continuing my wild weekend ways watching DVRed episodes of CSI and finishing my Thank You notes. Party ANIMAL.

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