Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thankfully She Will Not Be In The Delivery Room

After a couple of days of anti-biotics I am admittedly perkier. And still contracting at about 5 minutes apart. While walking at the mall today I had a couple that made me shake and stop breathing (I realize that you don't want to stop breathing when in pain). I suppose this means that progress is being made. I told J that I didn't want to go back to Triage unless my water broke or the contractions stayed at the crazy intense can't move level at less than 3 minutes apart for at least three hours.

I have a feeling we will be here a while.

I was pitiful enough at the OB's yesterday that she immediately put me on disability. THANK YOU GOD. I currently feel like the child is gutting the marrow out of my pelvis with a melon baller. This is making my cough a particular delight.

I am finishing the night watching a marathon of Pro's vs. Joes (new episodes Thursday!) with Darla. I think she now knows when the contractions come because she rushes over when they happen.

I could sort of deal without her licking me during them though.

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Frank said...

Anyabeth said "I could sort of deal without her licking me during them though."

That's sort of cute though.