Thursday, January 24, 2008


TMI alert, just scroll on by if you don't feel like details.

But am 2 cm. dilating and 80% effaced. Doctor stripped my membranes (OUCH) just to see if it would bring anything on. Since then something is happening I just do not know what. I gather the window is small to get labor going with this technique so if something doesn't happen before Saturday than it didn't work. But still. At least there is progress.

In other news I think I need to stop writing about my MIL troubles. Because . . . well. They aren't going anywhere. For those who have asked (kindly), yes, J and I have talked about this. But we are in a difficult position. She doesn't really have anywhere else to go since she moved up here for this. Unfortunately, I think I misunderstood because I thought she was coming up to change her life and then to ultimately help us take care of the Girl after I go back to work. But mainly I thought it was about her taking charge of her life. Now I think I just didn't get it because she thinks she is up here to help me.

It's a big fucking mess.

ETA: I have gone back and edited entries. In the interest of goodwill and privacy. Thank you for your support.

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