Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Kind Of Person Sneak Cleans?

I completed my Girl Scout badge of Hazardous Daughter-in-Law Service this week. I took her to look at a school (which strikes me as bizarre because I wouldn't need some one to go with me but WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT I GUESS) and for her bra fitting tonight. I made J go with me, and the deal was I would tell her what happens at a fitting and find the fitter for her but I wouldn't go in. I have boundaries people.

I also snuck in a floor scrubbing when she went to go get her social security card. I was skipping around I was so happy. No one griping at me about over-doing anything. A satisfying clean floor.


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Sandra said...

Hmmm. Maybe you need to talk to J about how you need some space??? You don't know her, you can't be forced to know her in 3.5 seconds, it takes time and you aren't being allowed the time and space to get to know her.