Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy Weekend

It's eight on a Friday night and I am buried under dogs in my bed eating macaroni and cheese and wiping my nose with a roll of toilet paper. My co-workers hosted a shower for me today and Internets, are you ready to be impressed? I have already written the Thank You notes. Which is pretty good since there were more than twenty just for the group gift.

J did not get blown off the road in his trek down to California last night. I, at least, am very relieved. We'll see when he gets back though.

After the shower today I am overwhelmed with how kind people are, so my gratitude is for this:

1. How generous my co-workers are. Amazing. Also amazing is that I now know what kind of people buy that fancy baby lotion you see in high end boutiques and department stores. Heh.

2. I took the train home this afternoon. Apparently, buildings in Seattle caught fire and there were wrecks and it was some sort of endless clusterfuck.

3. I do not have to go back to work until Monday. Thank GOD.

4. Velveeta shells and cheese. Nuff said.

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