Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Slow Down

Baby girl really wants to crawl. I am afraid that she will do it soon too. This has happened before--she taught herself to hold her head up fairly early. She just wanted to do it and did nothing else until she figured out. She has wanted to stand for weeks. She now lays on her stomach, frantically pushes her legs and scoots along--crashing her chin periodically and making a noise like she swallowed a parakeet.

It's actually pretty cute.

And alarming.

I have done nothing to childproof this house. We have all kinds of heavy things to pull down and exposed outlets and dust bunny/dog hair blobs. I'd really like her to be the kind of baby that chills out for a couple of more months.

Grow some hair darling. Enjoy the naps. No need to rush into mobility. I am really not equipped to deal with it anyway.

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