Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not Again

In the past week I have worked eight days, close to eighty hours (plus commuting). By the end I was a stringy haired, sallow skinned, broken out, weepy goddamn mess. This is my least favorite week of the year, it's a crazy time for work and in this current economic environment it is just ugly. Do not let Fox News or anyone else tell you that the economy is healthy because god it is scary out there.

Today I rested. Shopped with my mother. And cutoff all my hair (this is it's own post but it is ALL GONE y'all).

In a couple of weeks I turn thirty and y'all I feel it (and lord how much of a cliche am I to hack off my hair six months after having a baby and right before turning thirty?). I just cannot do this shit without losing my mind anymore. My feet are swollen like little sausages, my skin is all rough and horrifying. Everything hurts. At night I get MoMo to bed and just collapse. I feel like an old woman. I am promising myself never again. This I am not doing again.

I just have to figure out what to do instead.

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