Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth

I hate the goddamn Fourth of July.

Before you hit send on that anti-AB email I have nothing against days off of work and barbecues but I really fucking hate fireworks.

I never got the bug on fireworks. I don't even really enjoy the big shows (they are usually dull) but at least they are safe. I really hate the home fireworks.

On our street is an apartment building that even the city admits was a mistake. It is a multi-unit building on a small street with only historical homes. I have nothing against renters but the ones that this building attracts are just awful. They are loud--they sit in their cars at the curb with the music blasting loud at all hours (I actually had a confrontation with one at 5:30 on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago that began with my head exploding and screeching "ARE YOU HIGH?"). Their kids run in the street and in all of the yards. The speed down the street (which is very short and a dead end). It's just a frustrating situation.

So right now there is a whole group of them on the street, drunk, with loud music and setting off fireworks. Into the woods behind the neighborhood. With kids running around.

Under the best of circumstances fireworks stress me out. In the hands of drunks and kids I am hiding in my bedroom self medicating with Diet Coke and Vanilla Sandwich cookies.

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