Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The New Jan Brady

This is me on Mother's Day (no one else cares but I am having myself a little moment about posting my face here--I've put J and the baby up without a pause but ME? so anyway this is me). And up until yesterday my hair looked pretty much like this. Very long, very blond and wavy. Actually this is the good version of my hair, on most days it was really a ponytail. I don't think it looks BAD here by any means but it wasn't so faboo.

And this is my hair now (not the best picture and please forgive the period induced clusterfuck on my chin). I actually love it, it is more flattering than it appears here, much more professional and if this photo hadn't been taken after a very long day it makes me look younger and more awake. All smoke and mirrors but hell I will take smoke and mirrors.

J seems neutral about it but all other responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Which is crazy since people really liked the long hair and whined excessively when I said I was going to cut it. I had nice hair but it wasn't anything special and it was all you saw. But now I am more than just three feet of blond hair. Though dude I need to be wearing some makeup given that chin.

I do feel a little cliched, given that I have an infant and am turning thirty in a couple of weeks. But I also feel free. I was more than a little tired of even blow drying all that hair (let alone styling it which face it, did not happen so often). I was also starting to feel ridiculous, like I was trying to rock high school girl hair more than a decade after high school. This is the kind of style that can look casual or dressy, fun or professional. And I really hope it doesn't scream MOMMY.

What is amazing to me is how many women told me I was "brave" and how they wished they had the courage. It is not brave to cut your hair! It doesn't hurt and it will always grow back. I understand how important good hair is (it's an accessory you wear every day) but that is why it has to be something you love, not something you are afraid to change. I will try to post another picture that doesn't make me look all crazy eyed but I love my new hair.

And hopefully you do too.


Chanandaler said...

heh, I love the title of this post.

Dude, your before picture is alarming compared to your new do, which is fabu, btw.
Also, could Mo look any cuter in that picture. heh.

Frank said...

A picture! I think a lot of women in your situation go through the whole hair cut thing. I know my wife did. Her hair is now back, not long, but not short either. You have enough on your plate without the hassle of wrestling with the long hair every morning. J was smart not to take a side. Your kiddo is great, but then you know that.