Monday, December 17, 2007


Last week I had a variety of discounts and coupons and bought the Fekkai Glossing collection for my hair. This collection gets rave reviews in magazines and on beauty boards for making your hair shiny and soft. Since I am currently not loving much about my appearance trying to make my hair look prettier (for the low low price of 18 dollars) seemed worth a shot. I got the shampoo, conditioner and cream. They actually seem to work pretty well, my hair certainly is soft and shiny. A lot of people made the styling cream sound like the Holy Grail and sadly no such thing. It's probably the best blow-dry cream I've ever tried but I think I want the unreasonable. I really want a cream to put in my damp hair that will keep it from being poofy if it air dries without any heat styling products. I thought this is what straightening creams were for (when they first came out I actually thought straightening creams would actually straighten my hair--I was so so blind) but I have never had one be successful.

But it's a great blow-dry cream and my hair is very shiny and soft.

I also have a big giant stretch mark under my belly button. But we are focusing on the positive here.

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